Boiler Fault Codes Washington
Boiler Fault Codes

Discover the most common boiler fault codes.

Our experienced engineers are on hand to diagnose and fix your boiler and central heating issues throughout Washington and the surrounding areas.

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Boiler Fault Codes

Having an issue with your boiler?

Discover the most common boiler faults codes. We're always on hand to help with any repairs and always recommend if you do think your boiler is showing any of these fault codes, a Gas Safe engineer should examine and determine the fault.

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Most Common Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Codes

Using the information below you can find out a bit more information about the most common Worcester Bosch boiler fault codes.

Always hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to work on and repair your gas boiler.

EA: Issues With The Gas Supply

The Worcester Bosch Ri range can display a blue flashing light when there's no gas being supplied to the boiler.
You can determine whether there is a fault with the boiler or your gas supply by checking any other gas appliances you have in your home, such as a gas hob. If they are in working order then the issue is likely to be with the boiler.

Over time boilers can lose pressure and when they get too low, they can affect your heating system. As well as the blue flashing light and the CE 207 error code, you can see if the pressure is low by checking whether the pressure gauge is below 1. If it is below 1, the pressure will need to be increased.

A flue blockage can affect your boiler from igniting. Flue guards are added to prevent debris and waste falling into them however if you don't have one fitted or it's been damaged, a Gas Safe registered engineer can fit or repair them.

If you can hear your boiler making banging noises, it could be a sign of kettling, a build up of limescale. A Gas Safe registered heating engineer can offer a powerflush to remove any debris, sludge and limescale allowing clean water to flow through your system once again without any banging noises.
All condensing boilers have a condensate pipe that sends water waste out to a drain. These pipes can then become blocked and often freeze during the winter months, leading to blockages. Frozen condensate pipes can sometimes be thawed by pouring hot water on the blockage however if you're unsure, a Gas Safe registered engineer can be hired to examine and help clear any blockages.
If you're boiler is leaking, it's more than likely coming from a broken part inside the boiler. If you do notice your boiler is leaking, turn off your water supply and contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to examine and determine the issue.
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