Boiler Fault Codes Washington
Boiler Fault Codes

Discover the most common boiler fault codes.

Our experienced engineers are on hand to diagnose and fix your boiler and central heating issues throughout Washington and the surrounding areas.

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Boiler Fault Codes

Having an issue with your boiler?

Discover the most common boiler faults codes. We're always on hand to help with any repairs and always recommend if you do think your boiler is showing any of these fault codes, a Gas Safe engineer should examine and determine the fault.

Worcester Bosch Washington
Gas Safe Washington

Most Common Worcester Bosch Boiler Fault Codes

Using the information below you can find out a bit more information about the most common Worcester Bosch boiler fault codes.

Always hire a Gas Safe registered engineer to work on and repair your gas boiler.

EA: Issues With The Gas Supply

The Worcester Bosch Ri range can display a blue flashing light when there's no gas being supplied to the boiler.
You can determine whether there is a fault with the boiler or your gas supply by checking any other gas appliances you have in your home, such as a gas hob. If they are in working order then the issue is likely to be with the boiler.

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